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Accent Distribution - Our Services

Accent Distribution offers the bespoke door-to-door delivery of leaflets, brochures, flyers, magazines and samples. The company can target specific streets or areas, or deliver by using housing type or social demographic criteria.

Our main service is organised by sector level, for instance by requesting NE2 sector 3, NE2 sector 4 etc. We can deliver to constituency or Ward Boundaries. We can operate to a council or PCT’s unitary Boundary even where council boundaries are different on both sides of the same street. We also offer a specialist delivery service, where you provide us with a map or street list and we will cover only the streets listed.

Distribution Methods

Shared distribution

Your marketing material is delivered alongside items from other companies, but is not tied together or inserted into newspapers, magazines etc. By using this method, you can share the cost of your distribution with other companies. Single item delivery (Solus) Your marketing material will be the only item taken on our vans and is delivered on its own through letterboxes. This means it will have all of your potential customer’s attention.

Business to business delivery

We can deliver your items directly by hand to businesses. When making your delivery, our employee will request a compliment slip or business card as proof of receipt. We can also target specific business types, meaning you can hit the right people at the right time.

Piece of mind

We offer a full back checking process for verification and your peace of mind.